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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are LEDs?
A: LEDs are Light-Emitting Diodes.

Q: Do we carry a catalog?
A: Yes, we carry a digital catalog as well as printed material for dealers and distributors

Q: Do LED lights screw into standard household light sockets?
A: Yes, LED lights are direct screw in replacements for household lights. You unscrew your incandescent light bulb and screw in your LED Light bulb. You do not need to redo your electrical system to use the LED lights.

Q: Is there a minimum purchase to buy LED Lights within the United States.
A: No there is no minimum purchase.

Q: Do LED lights have a warranty?
A: Yes, the LED lights are warranted for a period of three years, but they can last over 60,000 hours!!

Q: Where do we ship to?
A: We ship anywhere in the USA and per special quote do International customers.

Q: How long does shipping usually take?
A: Shipping time varies between service. Orders are usually processed and shipped the same day before 12 p.m. during a business week. The shipping carriers that we use are United States Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS). Special orders can take longer depending on quantities and product availability.

Q: Would we ship out of the United States?
A: Yes we ship internationally to dealers and Distributors only. For consumers we have to quote shipping costs

Q: What is the difference between white, cool white and warm white?
difference between white, cool white and warm white

Q: Do LED lights generate heat?
A: LED lights generate very little heat. They are ideal for kitchens, dens, offices, or anywhere you are working in close proximity to a standard light bulb. LED Lights dissipate less than 25% of their power in heat compared to up to 90% of regular lights, that is why LED lights are your best solution, they will save not only light consumed power but also Air conditioning costs as well!!

Q: Do LED Lights work with dimmer switches?
A: Yes, some LED lights will work with dimmer switches. It is recommended that lights that work at 120 VAC are not installed in a dimmer circuit, nevertheless LED technology has advanced impressively fast and now we have dimmed bulbs that can operate at 120 VAC. We clearly specify under each of our products if they can be dimmed or not. It is recommended though that a specially LED dimmer is used for each LED application also available through our web site.

Q: Can LED lights be used in the outdoor weather such as rain, snow, cold, heat?
A: Yes, the LED lights can be used outside all season. The LED light bulbs are CE and/or UL listed for indoor and outdoor use. Some bulbs are designed for indoor use but if installed outdoor they can perform excellent if installed in a waterproof seal tight fixture.

Q: Do the LED tube lights turn on immediately compared to fluorescent tube lights that have a wait time to turn on?
A: Yes, the LED tube lights have instant turn on and there is no wait compared to the fluorescent lights that take time to light up.

Q: Should you match the LED light to the lens color you have?
A: Yes, your LED light should be the same color as the lens you use.

Q: What LED Light works good for recessed cans.
A: The PAR30 and PAR38 work excellent in recessed cans. Some Decobulbs can also be perfect for them

Q: Is there a store where I can go try these LED Lights out before I buy them.
A: YES, ABSOLUTELY!! Would you buy your car without test driving it first? If you cannot see it how can you buy it? There are many web-based stores only, you never know what you get until you already got it, too good to be true, it probably is. We offer no minimum purchase. Do you have a doubt? Come and see our products, ask as many questions as you want, dimm them, switch them on and off, bring your cans or lamps we will be happy to assist you and help you decide which bulb is the best for you. We are located in the San Fernando Valley in 7500 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Canoga Park CA 91303

Q: What kind of LED Lighting can I use for solar homes, cabins and other systems.
A: Led plus now stocks 12 and 24 VDC LED Lights for solar systems and other energy efficient systems.

Q: Are LED lights harmful for the environment?
A: LED lights are 100% recyclable, they do not contain toxins such as mercury or phosphorus, all the materials are re-usable and in some cases some bulbs such as the deco-bulb line are made with interchangeable parts which makes them truly unique since they will potentially never have to be changed again!! If any part needs to be replaced, they are available making them a truly green non toxic 100% environmentally friendly bulb

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